9.25 silver

Sterling silver consists of 92.5 pure silver. The other 7.5 is an alloy of other metal that ensures the strength of the silver..

All silver jewelry is made of real 925. silver, so it is not a silver-plated layer that will come off with wearing. Silver can, however, have a darker color if it has not been worn for a while, this is easy to polish off with a silver cleaning cloth.

14.K gold

Gold is known for its sustainable, pure character. A piece of jewelry made of 14 carat gold requires little maintenance. A small cleaning with a cleaning cloth is sufficient


Goldfilled means that a layer of 10, 12 or 14 carat gold is mechanically bonded to a base material by heat and pressure until a certain thickness of the gold is reached. This thickness of the gold must be at least 1/20e of the total weight. Goldfilled is different from the gilding of metals, since the gold percentage is much lower about 100x thinner and the gold layer will therefore wear off.. 

Even with sensitivity to metals, most people can wear this jewelry without any problems.


In contrast to gold-plated products, it is possible to polish gold-filled products. They can also be cleaned with special jewelery cleaning products. With the correct use of your jewelry, the gold layer will not wear off and will last a long time.


Brass, or brass, is a mixture of two metals; copper and zinc. Metal is a natural material and therefore also reacts to external influences. Brass can color darker, especially when the jewelry is not worn for a long time and it can also leave a greenish imprint on the skin when worn, especially during warm days. If you are sensitive to this, you can prevent this by applying clear nail polish to the inside of the ring. You can also polish your jewelry now and then with a silver polishing cloth to ensure that the metal stays nice and shiny, but do not do this too often. A lukewarm bath with green soap and a soft brush is also a good idea.ed idee.

All jewelry is made of pure brass, so it is not a gold-colored layer that will come off with wearing.


Aluminum is a soft but strong base, affordable metal. It is hypoallergenic, does not discolour and is lightweight. Because of these properties, aluminum is a very good alternative to 925 silver.

Silver cleaning cloth

Jewelry can discolour after a while due to external influences from the acidity of your skin, moisture, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc.).
A silver cleaning cloth removes deposits from various types of metal, so that you can enjoy your jewelry even longer. You can use the cloth multiple times, but don't use the cloth more often than necessary. Rub gently over the metal to avoid damaging it.

When the cloth is completely black, it is 'on' and it is time for a new one: -)