WHO Melinawaty KNOWN FROM Cotton Candies.nl(2010-2020) | RELATIONSHIP In love HOME Mini apartment in the center of The Hague FAVORITE COLOR Old pink FAVORITE SNACK Salty popcorn TATTOO A star consisting of all small lines on my left wrist in memory of my French Bulldog Charley and a Viking symbol on my ankle | FAVORITE CC ITEM The silver signet ring




Here's where 'all the magic happens' ...

I don't really need that much space for my work as a goldsmith. The tools I use are mainly small hand tools, I don't have really big machines. A good sturdy worktop and sufficient storage space are most important to me.

In my mini city apartment I created a studio at the rear. It is just big enough to work wonderfully. With the beautiful images of Gaby I would like to give you a look behind the scenes.




The eye-catcher of my studio!

I found this wonderfully beautiful vintage workbench via Marktplaats. It is from the Amsterdam brand Koene & amp; Co. A surprise was that when I went to pick up the workbench, it was at one of Europe's largest diamond / jewelry trade. The idea of all the beautiful things that have already been made on this work table makes it even cooler! 

The wooden Ahrend office chair is also a Marketplace find. The wood of the chair was finished with a kind of orange varnish. I sanded all this off by hand. It was a few hours of work something I had misjudged beforehand, but I am very happy with the end result.t.




I make all jewelry by hand and apply the old craft of blacksmithing as much as possible without using modern machines and equipment. I think this is the charm of the profession and it also gives each piece of jewelry something extra characteristic. Each creation is truly a one of a kind. 





I am often asked if I have been trained as a goldsmith. I don't have this, I actually rolled into it a bit and taught myself the most. I also have a number of great colleagues who I can ask for advice and YouTube has really been an ideal teacher for me. I make everything with a lot of love, patience and care and I really think every order is an honor to be able to make.n.




In the autumn and winter there is little daylight in my studio, so dried flowers are ideal here. The vintage mirror breaks the white wall a bit and at the same time creates a slightly more spacious feeling.