Put a ring on it!

A ring size indicates the circumference of your finger. The measurements are then expressed in circumference in millimeters or the inner diameter of the ring. This is also known as the European ring size.

When does a ring fit correctly??

A ring is good when it feels comfortable. It should be tight enough so that the ring doesn't roll off your finger, but at the same time not too tight so that you have the impression that your finger is pinching.

Ring size table

Diameter ring size mmm) Circumference ring size mmm) US ring size
15 48 4.5
15.5 49 5
16 50 5.5
16.25 51  
16.5 52 6
17 53 6.5
17.25 54 7
17.5 55 7.5
18 56 8
18.25 57  
18.5 58 8.5
19 59 9
19.25 60  
19.5 61 9.5
19.75 62 10
20 63 10.5
20.25 64  
20.5 65 11
21 66 11.5
21.5 68 12
22 69 13


How do you measure the correct ring sizes?

Method 1: measure the correct ring size: with a well-fitting ring

The easiest way to measure your ring size is to measure an already purchased ring that fits you well. You place this ring on a ruler. Place the inside of the ring at 0 cm and read the number of millimeters on the other inside. The result to be read concerns the diameter ring size.

Method 2: measure the correct ring size: via a string or ribbon

If you don't have a suitable ring, other methods are needed. Try to estimate the diameter of the ring using a ribbon or string. Wrap a ribbon or string around your finger where you want a ring. The length of the ribbon or string represents the circumference of your finger. With this method you do not calculate the inner diameter ring size. In this way you calculate the circumference ring size.

Another option is to cut out a piece of paper and wrap it around your finger. With a pencil or pen you can easily read the size by laying the final paper along the ruler.

Method 3: measure the correct ring size: using a measuring tape

Using a tape measure is also possible to determine your ring size. This is not a very accurate method, but it is the fastest and easiest. The advantage of this method is the width of the ribbon. The width of the measuring tape allows you to measure the size of your finger over a large area.

Wrap the tape measure around your ring finger or another finger and read the number of millimeters when the ribbon comes together. The result of the tape measure indicates the inner circumference of the ring. You can use the conversion methods to see which diameter belongs to the ring size.t.

Method 4: measure the correct ring size: at the jeweler

Are you getting married soon? Then err on the side of caution. Go to a jeweler and have your finger accurately measured through their equipment..

Measure tips

  • At the end of the day. Then your fingers are warm. Often the fingers are smaller than in the morning when they are cold.
  • By measuring three or four times the size. Go for certainty. Only after measuring three times can you be one hundred percent sure that it is the correct ring size.


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