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Selfmade woman

From the first moment when I started with Cotton Candies from the kitchen table in 2010, I have always done everything myself. Thinking up and making a website, logo and house style to lugging stuff from market to market. I thought it was all really fun to do, but even when you have a small budget you automatically become creative in coming up with all kinds of things ...

Sell Your Stuff Online

This month the fourth edition of the workbook 'Sell Your Stuff Online' was released, when I bought the first edition four years ago, I was immediately inspired by writer Mariko. In good spirits I started the assignments in the workbook, with the aim of even better visibility of your own brand and even more happy customers. Unfortunately, I soon got stuck because I had never really thought about many things before I started with Cotton Candies. I also had to revise everything two weeks later because I had already become dissatisfied with the look & amp; feel of my corporate identity. In short; the beautiful workbook remained unfinished in my to-do tray ...


It is now 4 years later and almost nothing has changed yet; I still do everything myself except for the annual tax return to the Tax Authorities, because let's face it .... A lot of corporate identities, color palettes and logos have been reviewed, they actually keep changing in my own dynamic states of mind. Logical of course, because Cotton Candies is an extension of myself and vice versa.m.

But what would happen if I let go of Cotton Candies a little bit and let our ways separate something Would it bring something beautiful, something I never thought of myself Or CC will become a stranger to me and I won't have one soon feel more at itj? 

For me this still feels like a kind of amputation, but after a number of sleepless nights, I have decided it is time for a change; I'm going to have it done!n!

To be continued...

Love, Melina

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