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Trends, hypes, fashion, hyped trends that are in fashion; I always find them a bit tricky! Everyone always calls out very hard to be unique and not want to go with the crowd. And yet there are now quite a few influencers who earn a good living by inspiring a dizzying number of followers….

I also follow a number of influencers myself, I like to see what they do and which designer items are really a big loss in my wardrobe. But as soon as there is a kind of run on things, I always have the urge to run very fast the other way! Take, for example, the hype of the, especially red/white and black/white, Aztec dresses. Young and old girls all pose   #instaproof   in front of the camera in the short swirling dresses. A must-have item that will go with many in the holiday suitcase!


But sometimes things go wrong with me, for example, I also resisted the leopard print for a while. I felt comfy in good black and white basics with a bit of old pink every now and then. And yet the day came when I went for gauze; a well-cut leopard print jacket (which I had indeed seen on such a beautiful babe's Instagram account) was my first purchase.

Two pairs of shoes with a hairy leopard print followed, but that's it now. After all, Overkill is lurking like a hungry leopard ... Because you only have to walk into town and you instantly get it   #urbanjunglegevoel;   leopard leggings, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, shoes, wrap skirts; Roarrr, the beast has gone wild!


In my case, what is the difference between the Aztec dress and the leopard print? The Aztec dress is such a stand-alone item, I wouldn't really be able to do my own thing with it anymore.
If I put the dress on, I would look the same as   #devotiondress , #aztecdress   and the 50-year-old Boho neighbor.

No, I prefer to stick to a number of loose trend items such as the leopard jacket and shoes. This allows me to combine with basic items from my wardrobe so that I can make it my own.

So with that in mind I also design all CC jewelery; a little bit #instaproof but especially good to mix with your own existing jewelry for one   #onpoint   #ootd

And the   customizable jewelry   with your own chosen texts, ensure a unique and personal style;   #loveit

Love, Melina

Ps   #aztecdress

Aztec dress

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