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After years of freedom, I still have to get used to the steady rhythm that comes with a paid job after a month and a half.t.

Where at first it didn't matter in which state I started my working day, now it is only taken for granted that I appear on the work floor with combed hair and brushed teeth.

I have now almost figured out what the perfect timing of to-dos in the morning is between the alarm clock ringing and the moment I close the front door behind me with breakfast.ek.

To be fair, I have been so lucky with my new workplace; not only is it only a 5-minute walk, stress does not seem to be part of my job description. I have my own room, so does the director. I worked for years at companies where everyone worked in the same room, that is a world of difference I can tell you ... Yes, in that respect I landed wonderfully warm and soft from that high CC hermit tower in The Hague office life.en. 


There are still enough days and evenings in the week left for CC. But recently I really couldn't get the focus back on CC. My InstaStories remained empty, Facebook sent me reminders that people hadn't heard anything for a while and I also found no inspiration and no desire to sit at my work table. 

I have to find my way back for myself in how to divide my attention and time. Because if I turn off the office computer at four o'clock, there should still be enough day for CC right 


April therefore also seems like the perfect time to get started with CC again with a fresh perspective. Fortunately, spring is already in the air, so that will probably be fine. Although I have not yet found the perfect balance on how exactly I am going to approach, I know one thing for sure; I want to keep doing what makes not only my heart but yours glowing.

And that is making one of a kind jewelry with a personal story. Your story!

Love, Melina

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