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I only realized this week that my 5-year self-employed anniversary has completely passed me through all the busy December. And that while so much has happened in the past 5 years and is so much beautiful to be grateful for! The aluminum text bracelets were once my specialty and my biggest source of income, now I also make 14 carat gold wedding rings. How special is that?


I never missed the pressure of a hectic office job where I had colleagues around me all day. I love to get into my sweatpants and messy bun on my head in the morning behind my work table. And to be able to make the most beautiful creations for you in peace or with a nice music of my own choice.en. 

Besides this wonderful peace of working from home, there were plenty of moments where I met new people; in the early years I took part in a creative market in different cities almost every weekend. Later on came Collectiv. Concept store in The Hague where I also worked in the store. And also during the CC workshops it was full of all kinds of nice and interesting people. No, lonely I have never felt happy and in this way I had found the perfect balance for myself.

City life

A lot has also changed in the private field in the past five years. When I had to look for my own living space eighteen months ago, it was still quite a challenge to be able to rent something normal as a self-employed person. After a long search, my current apartment came as a gift from heaven. 

But living right in the center of The Hague is not cheap and it now turns out that as a single earner with a varying income I sometimes experience exciting times.


This year I made the choice to give myself a little more breathing space and peace of mind. I want to enjoy CC more and get rid of the high performance pressure that I started to feel more and more. This blocked my creative energy, which in turn led to frustration.

My mission for January is therefore to find a nice part-time job that will give me a completely different energy. A new beginning, but not quite!

Love, Melina


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Top meis! Heel veel succes maar dat gaat je wel lukken. Dikke kus💋


Heel veel succes!


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