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Living more consciously and really taking good care of my body have been on my to-do list for a while. But earlier than the beginning of this year it didn't seem to happen.

Due to circumstances I temporarily stopped eating all animal products. And what at first seemed like a daunting task has now become a good habit that I would like to keep.n.

I feel good with a plant-based diet and it also helps that there is an Ekoplaza around the corner where I can buy fine products to make a tasty vegan meal.n.

Of course I sometimes have those craving moments when I intensely long for a boiled egg, hot chocolate with whipped cream or fresh sashimi. But I know that afterwards I feel better when I have chosen an alternative and have not given in to the moment.

Paraffin junkie

Besides eating consciously, I also took a closer look at my beauty stash. I barely used make-up, but my collection of body products and creams had to pay for it. The fact that I couldn't even pronounce most of the ingredients, I had no idea what it all was, were reason enough for me to throw away all Unilever products.

Now with the winter cold coming, we all have to deal with dry and chapped lips. Until recently I always had a small jar of Vaseline with me, who did not grow up with me Until I recently discovered that this is a waste product from the petroleum industry, does not belong in the skin care products at all and you can even get a paraffin addiction ..

Kiss Me!

But how am I going to get through this winter without the skins hanging from my chapped lips? Because most lip balms from famous brands are also packed with chemicals. I decided to get started myself and started looking for the best nourishing and natural ingredients with which I could make my own lip balm..

No mineral raw materials, no chemicals or artificial fragrances and dyes. But carefully selected natural ingredients such as mango butter, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Combined with a dose of pure love, these are the basic ingredients of the CC Kiss Me! Lip Balms.

And yay good news! Do you, like me, also give yourself a really nourishing lip balm this winter. I have now temporarily put them in the web store, you can find them in the December gift shop. There you will also find the list with all ingredients used, which can all be pronounced ....

Love, Melina

Pssst, soon there will be a nice promotion with the CC Kiss Me! Lip Balms. You can read more about this in the upcoming newsletter.

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