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I couldn't have chosen a better day for writing a new blog post than today. Instagram reminded me this morning that today is Positive Thinking Day. And Google not only taught me today that Positive Thinking Day PTD has been around since 2003, but I also get tips on how to celebrate this day easily. Everything is possible and everything is allowed, as long as it is positive. Does the fact that I opened my laptop on a sun-drenched patio to write this post also countsok?

Daily Routine

Positive, of course I want to be; every day, overloaded with new energy, jumping out of bed before the alarm clock, speaking positive affirmations to myself in the mirror for half an hour and then enjoying all the beauty around me radiant and carefree all day long; living the Instagram Life!

But the truth is that unfortunately this is not yet my daily routine. Sometimes there are days in a row when I allow myself to be swallowed up by all the uncertainties that being self-employed entails. I can sometimes feel so incredibly vulnerable, without a safety net it is sometimes scary to fly alone and take choices and risks in order to stay afloat..

Unique Selling points

The contrasts are sometimes so great; what actually pluses and my unique selling points are, I experience at the same time as minuses, weakness and uncertainties. Would it make a difference if I was not a creative but a different kind of entrepreneur and would not be dependent on turnover through my own creations Or would you have to deal with completely different uncertainties and this is just part of the entrepreneurship Am I the only entrepreneur who has these struggles regularlyeft? 

Being your own boss is freedom and a privilege, why can't I sell myself that so badly?

Love, Melina

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