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My great love

After more than ten years, the last Cotton Candies orders were sent out today.And although the new webshop has been online for a number of days and the new company name is no longer a secret, it was still a moment for me to think about it.

It was the end of a special era that was a big part of my life. I have experienced so many beautiful things, experienced for 5 years what it is like to be a full-time self-employed person and learned so much because of this. There were also less fun times and I had to make certain choices to stay afloat. But all this time Cotton Candies has always been my great love that I would do anything for.

Whats in a namee

When I got the idea to change company name, I knew immediately what it had to be; Melinawaty.Back to my roots, because this is my full first name that I got from my biological mother in Indonesia.

And my own name actually fulfilled all my wishes; I wanted would like a unique company name that would be close to me and would suit me and what I do for a lifetime. A name beautiful in its simplicity, clean and at the same time warm and personal.


My plan was to go live with melinawaty.com on my birthday Sunday, May 3, which seemed like a very beautiful and symbolic moment.Entering a new phase at the beginning of my new year of life!

I was in full control of the design and implementation of the webshop again. Rather; I did everything myself. Because I really wanted this webshop to really be an extension of myself. My plan was to create a calm and light atmosphere where I also wanted to emphasize the handmade and craft aspect of my work.

I used the photos that I had recently taken of my studio as a mood board for the further design of the entire webshop. Actually, I inspired myself with my own workplace. : More personal than this I couldn't get it anywhere else and the circle was round again.d.

Convert button

I had no experience with converting a webshop to a new domain name and everything that comes with it, so I found the whole process very exciting.Of course, a lot could go wrong and we also had to wait and see how much time everything would need before it would work again.To avoid unnecessary stress, I decided that I would do the conversion to the new domain on Friday night. So that there was time for possible damage control and afterwards I could also put the finishing touches on my own..

At midnight the switch was turned and fortunately the conversion went without any problems, no valuable data was lost.On the other hand, I was busy putting those last dots until 8 in the morning. At a certain point I knew that I could not have slept after all, knowing that it was not completely finished.was.

New love

After barely two hours of sleep and a body full of adrenaline, I was already up in my bed at 10 am with my face full in the sun shining brightly inside.

And when I saw all the messages on my phone I got such an overwhelming feeling of joy that sleeping was really no longer possible.

So many views and reactions from you! There were so many of you who had just visited the webshop and orders had already been placed; what a love, thank you!

I am so happy and inspired that I took this step.My head is immediately full of new ideas that I am so excited to get started with.

Where focus goes, energy flows’



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