Blog # 10 Cotton Candies Exit

Cotton Candies quits

This year Cotton Candies has been around for exactly 10 years and how special is it that I write exactly in Blog # 10 that I am going to stop with Cotton Candies. Yes the word is out, I can't go back now!

And how I came to this decision I'll tell you:


The idea had been in my head for a while, but to actually make the move, I had to gather the courage for it. It is not nothing to let go of what you have been building for so long. A company name that has become known to quite a few people in 10 years and one that Google now recognizes immediately as my label and website.

In addition, I recently invested in a brand new website and complete branding pack, this did not really make this decision any easier or logical.

Cotton candies

“Cotton Candies are here, I wrote in 2010 in the pink press releases that I sent to various magazines.. I wanted a funny catchy name and since I loved pink and cotton candy and it also described exactly what my t-shirts with self-designed prints were cotton candy, it was the perfect name.m.

Whats in a namee

Over the years, the prints have disappeared from the range and I am regularly asked how I actually got my company name and what this has to do with goldsmiths.

And frankly; Cotton Candies doesn't really fit with who I am now. I don't feel the magic anymore, we have outgrown each other after such a long time I guess. So after a lot of reflection I decided to let go of the old known and make a new fresh start.


But ... I keep doing what I've been doing with a lot of love for the past few years; making one of a kind jewelry with a personal twist. Only from next May I will continue under a brand new company name. A name that suits me like no other; pure and close to myself. 

I myself am already a bit used to using the new name. I have already spoken it out aloud to a number of people and that felt and sounded very good. 

Right now I'm busy behind the scenes with all the things that need to be addressed. For example, the current website and branding unfortunately also have to believe in it. And I also have a long list of administrative to-dos that have to be completed before everything is officially arranged..

For now I will keep everything secret for a while, but in May I will share everything with you!






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Heel veel succes lieve Melina! Dikke kus Veer


Heel veel succes !


De enige juiste beslissing hoor! 💋 Ben nu wel heeeeel nieuwsgierig wat de nieuwe naam gaat worden😊


Wauww wat cool! Maar ik schrok eerst wel even.
Succes en ik blijf je graag volgen! Liefs

Fanny Lisette

Heeel herkenbaar Melina!
Heel veel succes met alles & als je jouw toffe t-shirtjes lijn weer op gaat pakken voor de wholesale, let me know! X Saskia I SAZ. boutique Meijel

SAZ. boutique

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